Barn Croft Primary School

About Us

Barn Croft Primary is one of the few remaining single form entry primary schools left in the borough of Waltham Forest and we pride ourselves on knowing all our children as individuals. Our personalised approach extends throughout a child's school career from the initial home visit in nursery when staff take the time to get to know the parent and child through to individualised revision plans and Easter school to help Year 6 pupils fulfil their potential.
We are a friendly and inclusive school where children settle in quickly and make good progress. We believe that at the heart of this success lies good communication between home and school. Therefore our Head Teacher can be regularly found in the playground so that they can greet the children at the start of the day and be available to meet parents and discuss any concerns that might arise. This also means that we send home weekly newsletters, have a Suggestion Box for good ideas, hold termly Parents Evenings and conduct an annual survey so that we know what parents think of us and how we could improve.  Good communication is a two way process, and we will also be in touch quickly with any parents where, for example, attendance is poor; behaviour or learning  causes concern; a child is frequently late; or comes to school without the correct uniform.
Barn Croft Primary is a rapidly improving school which has seen many changes in recent years. Those changes, and future changes, all have one purpose - to provide the pupils of Barn Croft Primary with the best possible education.

Dear All At Barn Croft Primary School...Dear All At Barn Croft Primary School