Barn Croft Primary School

About Us

The EYFS curriculum is based on the understanding that children’s development and progress takes place in the context of relationships with others and the environment around them. This includes their individual families, communities and cultures and is unique to each child. We ensure that our Foundation Stage Unit provides for a strong sense of security within relationships with staff and with each other.
 - We ensure that the children have time and freedom to become deeply involved in activities.
 - We help children to keep developing ideas and encourage them to talk about their thoughts by displaying models and photos of their work.
 - We believe play is a key opportunity for children to think creatively and flexibly, work out challenges and bring prior understanding to their latest activity.
 - We provide stimulating building, creative and imaginative resources which are accessible and open-ended so that they can be used, moved and combined in a variety of ways by the children in their play.
You can find our more information about Early Years learning and developing during the first five years here: