At Barn Croft we teach PSHE and RHE following 1Decision’s curriculum, adapted and arranged to suit the needs and cohorts of children in our school. We are a No Outsiders! school, everyone is welcome here and we follow a programme of teaching the Equality Act through selected books in each year group. We also cover topics in assembly and add additional lessons and topics to reflect on and respond to the needs of individuals, classes and school as a whole.

At Barn Croft we believe that PSHE and RHE teaching and learning is not limited to the allocated lesson times and that a holistic approach best supports the formal teaching. Adults model the behaviours, attitudes and approaches we teach the children in all areas of school life and are vigilant to step in and re-model for children in real time, if needed. This area of learning is links heavily to the values and ethos of the school, which is followed up in assemblies and in the general day to day of school life.


Lessons are discussion and video based and children have the opportunity to respond in a variety of ways. Teachers follow the curriculum map but also respond to the emerging needs of their class and/or individual pupils with intervention social stories. Children are taught new vocabulary and staff ensure that they are using correct terminology in all areas. Children are encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions on topics taught, any misconceptions are addressed in a timely fashion either in the lesson, post lesson with the teacher or in an intervention to address deeper misconception in an area of learning, if needed.

In EYFS, PSHE is taught explicitly and discretely, often forming the basis of most activities in line with the Early Learning Goals. We are working to add EYFS to the PSHE curriculum map to show the links in learning.

Parents were consulted about the RHE curriculum and policy. At Barn Croft there is high levels of parental support for the programme we offer for PSHE and RSHE.

Please see below for:

  • PSHE, RHE and No Outsiders! curriculum maps for Barn Croft
  • PDFs relating to RHE lessons for Year 5 and 6 in school for parents to read.

You can learn more about this by visiting the Parent/Carer Zone on the 1decision website:


Teacher assessment is used to assess children’s understanding of key concepts and themes as well as their ability to apply to real life contexts and situations. Children who are identified as needing extra support in these areas have interventions (1:1 and group) as needed. We use a range of assessments including teacher assessment from lessons, discussions and response work as well as conversations with children, behaviours or interactions observed throughout the school day, and any concerns raised by staff or parents feed into the interventions put in place.