Barn Croft Primary School

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is now open from 7.30am! We have extended our hours to help parents who need to leave earlier for work and it will remain a drop-in with no need to book a place. Children arriving between 7.30-8.00am will cost £3.50 per day. Each additional sibling attending will cost £2.50 per day. Children arriving after 8.00am will cost £2.50 per day, and each additional sibling attending will cost £1.50 per day.
Here the children can have a healthy breakfast with cereals, yogurt and/or toast plus various toppings including scrambled eggs and baked beans. But as well as the nutritional benefits children also have an opportunity to socialise and play with their friends. There is a reading corner, lots of games and the ever popular table football. Once the playground starts to fill up the Breakfst Club staff let the children out for a quick run around before lessons begin and the youngest children are escorted to class.
All in all it is a very popular start to the day!

Barn Croft Breakfast Club FormComplete this form and hand to the office to sign up for our Breakfast Club, 8-9 each weekday morning!